Identity Compass® PreScan Edition

The PreScan Edition supports the effective choice of applicants. Generally, it is rented to enterprises based on an annual fee. The PreScan Edition inquires (online) about:

  • Hard facts:

    • School education and diploma
    • Professional education
    • Personal experience
    • Other qualifications
  • Soft Skills

    Preferences in thinking from the following sectors:

    • Motivation Factors - Motives (3 subscales)
    • Motivation Processing - Success Strategy (3 subscales)
    • Information Processing - Working Style (2 subscales)

    The hard facts will be adapted to the enterprise’s individual needs. Completing the PreScan takes about 8 minutes. Analysis takes place immediately via internet. Thereby the enterprise gets a first significant preview of each applicant and thus can decide on the following procedure better and easier. For instance, it can invite an applicant to fill in the Professional Edition.

  • Advantages of the PreScan Edition:

    • Reducing costs when testing applicants
    • Fast reaction to interesting applicants
    • Information of a higher quality


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