You Benefit In HR Marketing

Designing Job Descriptions And Job profIles In An Appropriate Manner

On the basis of the information obtained with the Identity Compass®, a requirement for a job can be set up and a job description can be written accordingly. Thus, the description optimally expresses the job’s key qualifications. A comparison between the employee actually having this job and the job description is possible and the desired changes can be initiated.

Design Job Advertisements The Way That Suitable Applicants Answer First And Foremost

The fact is that while some persons feel attracted by special emotive words, others feel repulsed by the same ones. This relates to their structures of thinking. Hence it is absolutely logical to develop job advertisements out of the job descriptions generated before which first and foremost attract those who are needed while others feel rather repulsed by it.

First tests revealed that out of 300 applicants who applied for a normal job, one was definitely and two more only partially suitable. A second advertisement according to the Identity Compass® led to a surprisingly different result. Only 100 applicants answered and more than 25 fit the employer’s demands.

Improving Recruitment Security Plus Reducing Costs

That means that by this method, not only costs are reduced for less advertisements have to be placed, but the work to sight the more qualified and desirable applications is also reduced to one third simultaneously! Not to mention the unequal higher efficiency of the advertisement.


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