Excerpts from testimonials

Particularly, I would like to emphasise the suitability of the Identity Compass for determining the potential to function as an executive... From my experience, the Identity Compass gives here very good hints as to whether or not any potential exists, and on which topics to focus coaching so as to optimally prepare for the assumption of an executive position.

Monika Weitze, HR Development
Allianz Insurance AG, Germany


... I have experienced the Identity Compass as an enormously helpful tool, which can even help in dead-end situations (to find solutions and to put them into practice)... Also, in looking back, I can realise, that, from my point of view as a member of the work council, there is no objection at all to using the Identity Compass. I can encourage anyone to utilise this tool as extremely useful for all involved, especially for use inside the organisation for recruiting purposes.

Carsten Körner, member of work council, Germany


I am delighted to hear how amazed Executives are at the accuracy of the Identity Compass.

John Hunter-Murray, Executive Coach, India


The information obtained by the Identity Compass is especially relevant and can be used at the personal level and in the organization too (to evaluate for employment/promotion and for establishing an individual development plan). It can provide to managers data about the motivational profile of employees and can help to build high performance teams. It is an instrument that is easy to use ...

Mara Manea, Training specialist
Coca-Cola HBC Romania


... We received tremendous positive feedback with all users and candidates assessed by the Identity Compass, as the IC results reflect accurately personal perceptions (and assessment) of the candidates. According to our experience, this is due to the individual design of the test, so that a highly differentiated picture is provided through surveying the thinking structures of the candidates. This ensures a very precise analysis of candidate strengths and weaknesses as related to required job profiles ...

Klaus Achtelik, Director HR
Phoenix AG, Germany


... Young executives can imagine their horizon of development... teams can immediately realise (through team contrast) their resources and potential areas of development and learning (improvement). When designing teams, we are able to define a required profile that is much more precise... For conflict management, the causes are easier to be researched (targeted) and made more understandable for all those involved... Due to the Identity Compass, we are able to evaluate the learning goals with more accuracy than ever before in seminars and other supporting measures, and by quantifying the desired changes (improvements) with the Identity Compass, we have more opportunity to optimise and control the success of learning... The Identity Compass has become a superior instrument in our daily work, that makes our efforts significantly more successful. After four years of use, we can duly say the effects are tremendous.

Frank Fiedler, Trainer and Coach
Motio, Germany


We use it (the Identity Compass) in recruiting processes, where it is a valuable as a tool for selection and pre-selection of candidates, as well as for the evaluation of the advancement potential of our employees. For the design of project teams it gives the critical hints of the corresponding or mis-matching thinking and working styles of the participants... It did extremely well in registering in all areas from external candidate to long-term employee. All those who took the IC recognised themselves in the results in an astonishing way and felt like the IC evaluated them properly and they saw themselves in the results. This leads to a very high level of acceptance of the test... We are duly convinced we have with the Identity Compass an excellent instrument for the analysis and the evaluation of potential of candidates and current employees. We are eager to see its further development.

Klaus-Michael Schunk, Head of HR Management / Enterprise Projects
KarstadtQuelle AG, Germany


Easy to use and absolutely precise!

Herbert Aufreiter, Management Consultant, Germany


The Identity Compass is always a very appropriate basis from which to evoke personality oriented future models (for development) such as: areas for career development, questions of leadership ability and style, value assessment to the organisation (team) and similarly very specific and concrete requirements for position development... In coaching, the Identity Compass is broadly accepted for sure. The clients have, with the written and graphic evaluation presented by the Identity Compass, a document in their hands that they can reread at later times to deepen their understanding of themselves ...

Alexander Prinz zu Schleswig-Holstein, Outplacement Consultant


... The team contrast/analysis convinces ...

Heinz Kurt Pletscher, Global Head of Travel Services
Swiss Reinsurance Company, Switzerland


... The survey is great. A diagnostic tool that convinced me ...

Dr. Toni Nadig
Thomson DBM, Switzerland


... Thanks to the substantial thinking-preferences surveyed, we succeeded in aligning the expectations of our candidates with the required profiles of the available positions in an accurate way. Miscasting of positions and false expectations by candidates and HR departments were avoided ...

Dr. Jürgen Seifert
Academy Team of the Federal Agency for Employment, Germany


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