You Benefit As Individual

Improving Communications

Knowing one’s own communication strategies shown up by the Identity Compass® it is possible to effectively and efficiently use them in communications. Furthermore, the awareness of other people’s preferences is required to communicate with them in an adequate manner.

Discovering One's Own Habits And Motivation Factors

Identity Compass® shows one’s own motivational factors and internal motivational processing.

Potential Analysis

The inventory of one’s own structures of thinking makes clear which ones are preferred in job related situations and which ones are used less often. This shows one’s own potentials and which kinds of activities are suitable.

Develop Personal Mastery

Being fully aware of the preferred thinking structures one can purposefully use and build up one’s strengths. By practising one’s hitherto less used thinking structures one can expand one’s potential and will literally do jumps in personal mastery.

Preparations For Appliances

Knowing one’s own preferences in thinking, object values and preservation values, one also knows where to orientate at in order to conclude if the offered job is fitting or not.


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