The Identity Compass® System

  • What is it about?

    • How often do you want a change in your job?
    • What are your personal values? What is their dynamic?
    • How do you perceive and process information?
    • What are the factors motivating you?
    • Is there an indication for burnout?
    • How are you perceived by others?
    • What is the working climate?
  • What is unique on the Identity Compass?

    Instead of measuring 3-4 factors and ascribe to each of them a certain number of attributes, the Identity Compass® measures such attributes directly and achieves thereby a precision unknown before. Identity Compass® profiles are much easier to be interpreted, as one simply concentrates on a single attribute.

    The Identity Compass® delivers a unique specific and precise panorama of personality. Even though people recognize themselves at ca. 90 - 100% in their profiles. This is to be evaluated the more highly, since no nebulous statements are met here, but separate completely concrete statements about thinking and acting in the vocational everyday life.
  • Working Climate

    Unique is also the Identity Compass® capability to measure the working climate and motivating and de-motivating factors at the workplace. The JobMotivation Edtion, developed by Dr. David Scheffer, is based on the latest motivation theories of Norbert Bischof, David McClelland, Friederich Herzberg, John Holland and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Due to the JobMotivation Edition it was possible to prove scientifically the correlation between job satisfaction and job achievement the very first time.


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