You Benefit As Executive

Enhancing One's Own Leadership Skills

Possibilities in development and potentials can be shown by means of creating one’s own leadership profile.

Individually Leading Employees

The Identity Compass® helps to better understand other people as well as oneself. Prerequisite for individualized leading is to recognize one self’s and other’s uniqueness and to have corresponding variety in behaviour and thinking at all times. Therefore it is useful to understand what method of thinking the person opposite as well as what method oneself uses. This increases the respect towards others and oneself.

Individually Motivating Employees

Knowing the individual motivation of employees as well as the factors contributing to it, it is easier to increase their motivation with appropriate means.

Professional Change Management

Necessary changes often fail because of unidentified resistances and affected employees’ ungrounded concerns. The Identity Compass® helps to go along with such changes’ processes and to realize them in a framework appropriable for the affected persons.

Designing Ideal Teams

Teamwork is nowadays demanded more than ever before. Wherever teams work together, problems can occur. First of all there can be teams whose results are not effective enough in the long term. This can be caused by the insufficient spread of the different structures of thinking. When very complex tasks have to be solved and when in addition the set of difficulties is subject to a permanent change (like for example on the today's market) variety in thinking is requested. When I as an executive know my own preferences of thinking and the preferences of my employees it will be easy for me to lead employees and to assemble perfect teams.


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